I was enjoying the Monday hustle of yesterday in the office, listening to Meditation Radio on Google Play, keeping an eye on the first day for new students of The Arc of Luzerne County's Transition to Community Employment program, working on radio show guests, a health technology event, and other projects, when LinkedIn graciously reminded me it is the 4th anniversary of my employment.

I'm stunned at how four years have darted by. I have barely noticed their swoosh. I'm grateful to the organization for believing and investing in the work I do and thankful for the support my team provides religiously. I'm also indebted for the many important lessons I learn each day to the clients I'm so fortunate to work with.


In three plus decades of experience in the world of work, from high school, through the military, during college, and ever since, I have been very fortunate to never have been unemployed for more than a day or two, and it's rare that I didn't enjoy the work at hand (there was the time at the Eberhard Faber plant). I have always managed to find meaningful work before having to file for unemployment compensation. Most always, I have found ways to like my job and challenge myself, whether it was to find a way to provide better customer service, find efficiency or improve a process, create an innovative proposal, close more deals, find more deals to be closed, build a new bridge, fix a bridge that was broken, find a better way to manage a project, find the right people to solve problems, etc., always with advancement of the organization's goals in mind.

Through an intrapreneurial frame of mind, I have always imagined my job (whatever it was at the time) to be my empire, and maintained the work philosophy that it is more prudent to do better than expected, not just the minimum to qualify for the paycheck.

I'm confident it's possible for anyone to do the same with most any job, if they have a little MacGyver in them and can muster the self-motivation. You might not like a job or task you are doing, but you can like the work you do, take pride in it, and if nothing else, feel good that you are earning the means you need to support yourself.

Happy 4th work anniversary at The Arc of luzerne County to me!

Do you celebrate your work anniversary?


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