oryouchidingmeThe scary story goes like this...

Johnny, you're our star Admin Assistant and as part of your "other duties as assigned" I'm giving you a new project. I need to hire an Account Manager and we don't have a budget to hire an agency to do it for us. You're always on Facebook and Twitter, do some social networking and find me one...

Here is the job description. I have highlighted the keywords that are important.

Just set up a Facebook Fan Page - stream good stuff about the company, it's free. Then, create a company Twitter account - tweet about it and search and follow similar people, be friendly and say good things about us, it's free. Join some LinkedIn groups - post the job in the jobs sections, it's free. Google free job boards - post it everywhere, they're free.

    Have the resumes sent to you and scan them for the keywords and 3 years of experience. Put the ones that match on my desk. I'll review them and give the ones I like back to you to set up appointments for an interview.

    Do a good job and I'll take you out for pizza to that place you like down the street.

    Does this sound far fetched to you?

    The TechCrunch Europe post How free social media beat the recruitment consultants to death gives quite a blow by blow account of how companies are doing it. Though it may sting to read it at first, it brings up an excellent point for discussion.

    "I think what the recruitment industry should take away from this is that prospective clients really can beat them at their own game, if they want to make the effort. The recruitment industry needs to recognise this and innovate find ways of adding value and justify/rationalise their proposition."

    Get out your value proposition.


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