This job posting makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Yes, thissupersedesthe mandatory minimum wage of $7.25 by $.75 - $1.00 per hour.

Yes, not everyone has marketable skills beyond the ability to take and apply direction requiring physical labor.

But check out the endurance required for this safety sensitive position combined with an intense environment, odd and long hours, and tell me why it's acceptable that anyone should be expected to work at a job that demands so much and pays just $16,640 per year.

This annualized salary barely allows a single worker to eek out shelter and enough food to sustain one's self for these physically intensive calorie burning 10 hour shifts. What about a single parent of one or more children or provider of elder care? No matter how hard you work at this job and how much you sweat, if you have dependents and this is your only income - you won't be able to pay your bills.

This is what keeps the working poor in adownwardspiral and pulls those who are qualified to do otherfamilysustaining wage paying jobs but were downsized into it. How do you work 40 grueling physical hours, raise a family and get ahead on poverty pay? The only hope these employees have is to use their weekday off to look for another job...

On another note, this company should consider saving the agency fees by hiring direct and passing them on to employees so they can afford the gas to get to work.

P.S. Why is the state promoting these bottom of the payscale jobs? How about offering companies free promotion of decent paying jobs as an incentive?


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