Sure, it got my attention when the news anchor said "Up next after the break, deep fried Kool-Aid hits fairs and bazaars this summer" as I was on my way upstairs to the bathroom. I flew to do what I needed to in that minute and a half to be back in front of the tube in time not to miss it.

In the meantime, my mind tried to concoct a deep fried orb filled with fruity liquid goodness. I was intrigued and curious to know what some culinary guru had unleashed in paper cones in church parking lots and parks across America.

Cut to the GMA team outdoors at a table covered with pitchers and glasses of the red kiss of death to white textiles, and then another to a video talking talking with 'Chicken Charlie' about his fried Kool-Aid, a closely guarded secret mix of flour, water and powdered beverage mix that he scoops into hot oil.

Hey... that sounds suspiciously like my mom's drop donuts except instead of vanilla extract and nutmeg for flavoring and sugar, Chicken Charlie substitutes Kool-Aid. In and of itself, it's not very revolutionary. I mean, what about the many other uses of the fruit flavored sugar, to include Kool-Aid Pickles and Kool-Aid Candied Nuts?

Circling back around to business (because as much as I am tempted, this isn't a culinary blog), whatever it is that you are looking to promote; yourself as a job candidate, your job posting as a recruiter, your employer brand as a company or something else... sometimes to be successful all you need is a fresh outlook, a new wrapper, a different angle, and a hungry audience.

Got that grasshopper?



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