When the stars align, the timing of your new website refresh soft launch coincides with a thick blanket of snow, pajama work day by the fireplace, a huge thermal carafe of Peet's coffee, wafting aroma of chocolate pecan biscotti in the oven (I subbed the almonds Sharon!), and the murmur of talking heads on the television while you plan world domination.

It's not a dream, it's real!

Everything is new again, or at least it looks that way... Last night the snow enveloped this little old coal town in a shabby chic white eyelet coverlet, and a digital magician converted my almost decade old website from a horse and carriage into a sleek little sports car (more features on the way soon). Do you love the new look as much as I do?

It's an inside job.

Mother Nature knows me so well. She knew I needed a quiet day with no phones, distractions, or conversations, to tinker - and she provided. Yes, a day laced with theobromine, caffeine and projects!

I'm just taking a little mid-day break here to let the world know that in spite of so many intolerable things happening on the outside, today is a really, really good day on the inside, here with me.

I hope it's good for you too.

P.S. This week I donated to VoteVets.org. I hope you'll take a moment to donate any amount you can to a cause that's important to you.


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