Today's local state one stop shop "Latest Jobs Posting" list includes a job post for a "Human Resources Manager". Check out this hot mess and tell me if you would stick your big toe in the water with this management team.

This is an entirely new position for our company, with limited support resources. Specifically, we have no formalized screening and on-boarding processes for hew hires: since Accounting administers the benefits and record keeping, there are no direct clerical subordinates. Our production associates come from the unskilled labor pool, with all of the attendant issues that implies, including a low retention rebate of 30%, with the addition of some 50 new production associates over the last 6 months, our productivity has suffered. Because of the turnover we have experienced in our supervisory staff, particular on night shift, we have a number of new and inexperienced supervisors. This position will have dual reporting. The Director of HR will report to the President for the preparation of the initial business Success and as they change over time, and report to the VP of Operations for their day to day execution. Will recruit, interview, test, and select or assist in the selection of employees to fill new or vacant positions: proactively develop and implement strategies to attract and retain qualified candidates. Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster a positive attitude toward and an understanding of the company and its goals, including the Lean business culture we are committed to. With the VP of Ops, will develop the training programs to assure the safety, productivity, and quality of work. Identify employees with the potential to grow into leadership positions of line leads and line supervisors: develop and implement a program to train the supervisory staff in the principles of management, including interviewing, hiring, training, progressive discipline, termination, performance reviews, harassment and other compliance topics. Lead the effort to develop a set of fundamental values and behaviors-our daily commitment to getting the basics right. Assure that the business is in compliance with ADA, FMLA, and other HR related regulations. Develop a written process to recruit, interview, test, and select qualified new production associates within 60 days. Establish a new employee orientation program within 60 days, including setting retention goals and tracking our retention rate. Develop a written plan to train new production associates within 120 days. Within 30 days develop and implement a program to train the supervisory staff in the principles of management. Within 90 days identify potential leads and supervisors from the production staff, and identify the gaps with the existing supervisors. Within 120 days finalize a set of fundamental values and behaviors. Within 120 days complete and audit of our HR functions.

A company that expects an "HR Manager" to develop their policies, create their culture, stop employees from flooding out the door, train staff to do their jobs, and within 120 day of walking in the door of his/her new job - finalize a set of fundamental values and behaviors and complete an audit of currently non-existing HR functions.... is lost.

The right job title for this post is CEO.

This position deserves that level of compensation and requires that level of authority.

Am I right?

P.S. Spelling and grammar errors in the job post are not mine... that's cut and paste baby.


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