How do you pitch yourself, your talent, your career, your product, your biz? Have you worked to define it, and get it down to the time it takes to ride that imaginary elevator? Maybe it's catchy, scrappy and savvy - or serious, corporate and conservative (boring). Whatever your style, it's at the very least passionate, right?

Apart from breathing, it's perhaps the most important way to spend :30 seconds.So, when I found the Harvard Business School Elevator Pitch Builder, I had to try it and then share..

I'm not sure if it's the academic environment or long vowels of the Boston accent that has HBS suggesting a one minute pitch. On the other hand, google 'elevator pitch' and you'll find everything from a :30sec to 3 minute suggested length. It's probably a good idea to have a few versions in your back pocket. After all, most buildings don't have elevators that get to the 80th floor in :30sec like in the Empire State Building.

Because times change and things evolve, so does one's elevator pitch. It might not be the same today as it was say... two years and four months ago. You might feel instability in your current role and want to prepare for transition. You might be in the middle of business plan development and need one of these. Or, you might do some consulting on the side and decide to take it a step further into a full-time venture. Whatever the case might be (ehemmm), the good thing is that HBS doesn't charge to reinvent yourself as often as needed.

I decided to go with the :30sec version for this example because I don't ever want to be caught without enough time...

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