The October issue of Chief Learning Officer article How to Promote Behavioral Changedoesn't point to accuracy in performance self-awareness as a competency in the workforce. It does point out that 'Most employees have unrealistically high opinions of their performance, are surprised by negative feed-back, don't believe they get clear feed-back on what they should do, and believe their boss is holding them back'.

It goes on to state that according to VitalSmarts' 2009 Lake Wobegon at Work study and this year's Career-Limiting Habits study, 87% of employees surveyed said they have 'bosses who have prevented them from getting the pay, promotions or other opportunities they wanted because of a performance concern'.

Managers are concerned that too many employees are stuck at performance levels below their potential. Employees feel managers are mainly concerned with their technical skill but managers report 'bad habits' as being more important.

While it does eventually point out the behaviors that drive success (you need to read), the word dysfunction kept flashing in neon lights in my mind. Getting everyone on the same page is no easy feat because it means wrangling a group of well selected strangers to create common ground, play nice and accomplish a mission. All too often these are the ingredients in the corporate cocktail shaker:

  • 2 Jiggers of people who need money as a means to pay living expenses and don't give a rat's bottom parts how they get it
  • 1.5 squeeze of perfectionists who can't produce anything because it's never good enough
  • 1 pinch of power hungry trippers to busy manipulating others to focus on the core mission
  • 3 pinches of emos who can't take or are afraid of providing criticism without sweat and tears inducing hysteria
  • 1 handful of slackers who ruin morale
  • 5 jiggers of halloweeners who only perform tricks for treats
  • 1 cup of ice cold passive-aggressives who love to sabotage

Shake, strain and pour, add a couple of type A over achievers on a skewer and you've got the perfect Corporate Kamikaze on the Rocks.

To manage thehemorrhagichangover, take 2aspirinand call me in the morning.



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