My co-worker John was headed to New Orleans for a mancation last week. I asked if he would be visiting any voodoo shops. He gave me a funny look and said he would be spending most of his time on Bourbon St. if there was something I wanted. So, I did a search and found Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo. I didn't know what I was looking for and frankly I am not superstitious, but I thought perhaps there might be a magic solution to have in my office for those times when - well, I doubt I need to explain those times to you.

I'll admit I didn't know the first thing about voodoo dolls so I was surprised to find a variety to choose from. I thought there would only one kind. Instead I found dolls for love, fertility, good luck, money, peace, spiritual strength, protection, happiness and one that seemed to call out to me... conquering obstacles.

I suppose most people gravitate toward those that are for love, money and luck. But I'm always interested in creating and finding solutions to problems and having a helper was an intriguing idea. I don't have a budget to hire an assistant and interns come and go. A voodoo doll wouldn't leave at the end of a semester and I figured a one time investment of $40 was as good as free for full-time help. I forked over two twenties and trusted John would make good.

Sure enough, back in the office today, he came to my office with a voodoo doll for conquering obstacles. I looked around and found a dignified place on a book shelf that is right in front of me.

The more focus and energy you put into the doll, the more your intentions will manifest in your life.

I don't doubt this is true because meditating and thinking things through is a great way to get critical work done. I find that most work is mental, the physical part generally the easiest. I'm delighted to have an assistant with super powers to help find silver bullets, ward off people who like to say the word "no" and conquer obstacles to matching opportunity to talent.

You'll probably be hearing me refer to my new assistant frequently in the future - in the meantime I'm trying to figure out a good androgynous name (there is no gender assigned).

P.S. As bizarre will have it - my assistant came with a couple of necklaces around its neck, one a string with a silver ring with an emerald set in it - my birthstone... John didn't know my birthday is in May.


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