Tuesday, February 23, 12:00p.m. The Ex-Recruiter Show with Paul Paris & Karla Porter. Guest: Blake Cannon, Recruiter & Patriot. Call in at: 347-989-8728.

Blake Cannon on some of the most pressing issues workforce facing military veterans from his most recent blog post:

No Skin in the Game - Why?

Here are a few of the immediate problems that need to be addressed right away

  • There are an enormous amount of recently separated Veterans that have entered the workforce and there will be more on the way with the upcoming withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
  • Most companies do not currently have a defined Veteran Hiring Program
  • Companies hire differently today than they did after any other major military conflict
  • Most organizations are utilizing Internal recruiters who typically have zero military experience (and thats OK)
  • External Recruiters Companies typically will not pay a fee for Military Personnel with mixed backgrounds and experience they do not consider Veterans fee eligible
  • Hiring from websites does not work for Veterans
  • Companies and the Public have a good outward message for supporting Veterans but they are not as a whole, willing to put any real skin in the game
  • A veterans true experience & knowledge is not always conveyed to employers correctly.
  • Assessment Tools not available that relate to Military Personnel

Blake Cannon
Disabled Veteran, US Army and a Proud Recruiter!


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