I was happy this morning when I got a Facebook message that my chat could now be integrated with my IM client Pidgin. Thank you, that is very nice because I love integration, efficiency, simplicity and ease. But then I meandered over to Gmail on line (which I normally don't because I have it configured in Outlook) and I saw the curious little 4 color speech bubble.. I just had to click on it and open up Pandora's Box.

OK, I think I like it a lot. But how many places can one be logged on and use to communicate?

So, I'm here cozy by the fireplace with my laptop trying to figure out what to use. I'm a little confused where I should update statuses and share links from. I could do it from any of the applications I use... how does one choose???????????

I demand lifestreaming. I want one provider who gives me everything. I don't want to have a gazillion separate logins with usernames and passwords and a bunch of clients and websites going at the same time. I think the addition of Buzz to the Google line of products is probably way better than Facebook and Twitter and I think I might eventually prefer to just use it and give them up.

But alas, as far as I can see I'll never be able to do that because not all of my contacts, friends and even my own brother use Gmail. Facebook and Twitter have that one thing in common saving both of them. How do I get everyone in the same place?

I want integration and I want it now!

P.S. I think Wave was a decoy, a crude attempt to not give a way the baby with the bath water during a trial to get feedback about what people do not like and what doesn't work. Buzz is the real roll out. Those Google people are slick. If I were ever to get a tattoo it might be the Google logo. Just sayin.......


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