Today, I was in search of a customer care email address for Verizon Wireless because I wanted to electronically submit comments in writing. Comments polite though direct, and much too lengthy for a chat box, or a tweet.

Is that too much to ask a Fortune 100 company you have spent many thousands of dollars with over the years?

After sifting through the Verizon website, probing support chat, and connecting with the Twitter team, it was revealed and confirmed that there is NO customer service email address that I could avail of - only a postal mail address, FOR A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, no less.


Being a solution oriented individual, I kindly offered to utilize my website to post the letter and send the link to hard working team manning the @VZWSupport Twitter account. Shout out to ~AS, ^EMW, and *EP - I know it's not your fault personally, you're working for the man and don't set the policy.

If I told people they could not email the company I work for they would laugh at me..

And so I too am laughing. And frustrated. And disappointed.

At least I could attach the letter in a document to the contact form at The way they installed the motherboard in the device is piece of work - but at least they let me submit my letter digitally.

Verizon did not. So here it is.


To Whom It May Concern:

One year and one day from the date of purchase of my device at a Verizon Wireless store (meaning yesterday) it went to sleep, refused to wake up and will not properly boot up, in an endless cycle of LG and Verizon screens and powering down by itself – that never ends. I took it to the store I purchased it from at 10am when the doors opened, and after an employee attempted and failed at a hard reset, told me I would be sent a certified like new refurbished model overnight -because I pay a monthly fee for extended warranty (, to be sent overnight - which means, the phone I use for work wasn't available last night, today and tomorrow until the replacement is received. Here are my concerns for which I am deeply dissatisfied with LG, the manufacturer:

  1. I found out via Internet searches that a known 'boot loop' issue exists and LG was extremely latent in acknowledging
  2. LG did not recall the devices – which would have been excellent customer service and prevented this gross inconvenience (again, it’s my WORK phone).
  3. LG has not developed a policy to replace the devices with new same / other models that do not have this failed motherboard issue.
  4. LG did not inform owners (or work with Verizon and other providers) to inform owners of possible issues, what to watch for and what to do, in the event of an impacted device.

I am greatly disappointed in the guarded, secretive nature of how this known issue is addressed. I am not satisfied that I will receive a refurbished device – when I have taken the utmost care of my own LG G4, there is not one scratch on it.

Finally, I can’t reinforced enough how truly displeased I am, so much so that I feel compelled to take my valuable time to write this letter to let LG know.


Karla Porter


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