I ran acrossDr. Jeff Gardereon CNN video talking about a new study which claims that there are four times as many psychopaths in senior management than the rest of the workforce. He outs their behavior asegocentric, narcissistic, lacking empathy, conscience, remorse or guilt. Is someone you work with a cunning, aggressive, manipulative, charming, liar? Apparently, mixed with some intelligence and subject matter expertise it's the fast track to leadership.

It's interesting how people funnel to the top. Only about one percent of people are estimated to be psychopaths.When asked why they end up so frequently in the boardroom, Gardere says that they are super risk takers who understand 'no risk no reward'. While they may make work life caustic for those whom they manage, he says they tend to move on after only two to three years. Once upper management realizes they are more interested in enriching themselves than the company they're invited to leave.

Do you suspect you work for a psychopath? The red flag according to Gardere is that they don't care what happens to you as long as you're producing and once you have issues they'll get rid of you. He says you will notice them breaking rules and to distance yourself, because they will get in trouble and eventually be terminated, and you will be swept away with them if you don't. If you can survive a psychopath boss for a few years the odds are (s)he'll be history and your next boss won't be one.

I don't disagree with any of this and in fact, reflecting on it since I viewed the video and read the articleBad bosses: The Psycho-path to Success?my calculated tally for psychopathic senior managers in my own employment history is numerous.

What about you?


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