A boy and his father are in a car driving when the car crashes and the father is killed. The boy is taken to the hospital and needs surgery. The surgeon looks at the boy and says "I can't operate on this child, he is my son". Who is the surgeon? Think about that for a moment and then watch the video...

Were you surprised like I was about the answers the 5th grade students gave? I was surprised by their answers but fascinated by their body language, open, seemingly non-judgmental and accepting. It's a great example of how one's belief, attitude and perception are formed by environmental factors. Adults who were asked the question tended to stick to traditional answers - perhaps what they observed as children - men are surgeons and children have one father.

I think there is a message here that goes beyond a gender riddle...

************* OK I need to add a little post script here*********************

As you can see, the video doesn't work anymore but obviously it used to. I saw it and so did a couple of my readers who commented. It doesn't load if you go to the abc site either <-- Don't they watch for these things? I tried to do the right thing by sending a message with an explanation to the site help desk. This is the canned email I got back:

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No kidding.......

My intent to provide you with quality posts without having to hire my own camera crew hasn't ended. Here's today's chess move - I can't wait to see if it works.


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