I received this message from Caroll , who after reading a post of mine on Facebook, thinks a community of recruiters could possibly help her. Since I belong to such a talented, connected and resourceful community, I know she's right.

In case you haven't heard me talk about the recruiter commune, it's a place in my mind at the moment. It's like a gated community for people in our profession with a big common area with an eternal 24/7 unconference. You may have heard me speak of it. In the true fashion of a commune I'll ask my virtual professional community and possible residents to help me further develop the concept another day.

For the time being, let's just crowdsource Caroll some suggestions, leads and assistance.

Greetings from New Orleans! I just read a comment you responded to on facebook. You said "I'm planning a recruiter commune so we can pool resourses" Thumbs up to you!

I am a 60 yr old, divorced mom/grandmother who has lost 2 good jobs since Hurricane Katrina...1 just 3 mos shy of 17 years. I am now unemployed except for a very part time job (every other weekend, 3-11pm shift as a receptionist at a nursing home here in NOLA). I am making $7.50 BEFORE taxes. I have a college education, great work experience (worked as a pharmaceutical rep for 2 companies) great references but have been w/o a full time job since June of 2008. My unemployment has long been over.

I cannot tell you the networking I have done, resumes sent out. I am so tired of hearing that "we can't pay you what you are worth, you won't stay with us". I WANT TO WORK, I NEED TO WORK. Do you have any advice for me? I consider myself a real "people person", very outgoing, a team player but one who can (and has) worked well on her own with great success.

Do you have any New Orleans connections?

Karla, please respond and I will welcome any suggestions you have.
Hoping to hear from you soon...
All the best.


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