When I listen to music, most times I prefer it without lyrics. I don't appreciate lyrics competing with what is already going on in my mind. Perhaps that's not unique, or it is because most people like the escape heart wrenching lyrics provide - but I usually find it to be an interruption to my already interesting mind matter.

What I do love however, are audio books, news radio, and podcasts.  I don't have time to be parked in front of a TV or in bed reading a book all the time, and I like the way those mediums enable me to consume content on the go from the back pocket of my jeans.

This evening, before heading out on my Wegman's weekly, I scrolled my favorites on Stitcher and came across an NPR TED Radio Hour episode entitled "Slowing Down".

We're always asked to be faster and more precise. But what can we learn from slowing down — even procrastinating? This hour, TED speakers explore why taking it slow is crucial...for all of us.

I listened and felt like Guy Raz and friends were talking to me personally while I was grocery shopping. At one point I looked over my shoulder thinking Tim Urban was scoping out the Moon Drops® behind me.

5 reasons it could seem like I'm procrastinating

  1. I don't have guilt over not going fast or starting today, or even tomorrow.
  2. I often leave seeds of projects, and sometimes even conversations, and return to them later to grow them.
  3. My mind often doesn't always have solid or amazing impromptu answers, but over time churns out solutions, and sometimes more than one.
  4. The stress of a deadline today is often an excellent motivator and idea generator when my head couldn't even wrap around a situation yesterday.
  5. Working on a completely unrelated project or an exhaustive Google search for something I have always wondered about until 2AM can have an amazing effect on what I am really supposed to be doing.

Listen to the show here.

And now I feel like my experiences are completely validated. Afterall, NPR is a very reliable source.

Has listening to this episode of Slowing Down helped you feel validated, or has it made you realize you don't know what you're doing or you're lazy?


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