HR Superhero Michael VanDervortposted something intriguing on Facebook, a debate on flight vs. invisibilityat and my brain immediately went into HR STEM mode (Be sure to stop over at The Human Race Horses to read Mike's take on it).

Invisibility - it's like a 2 for 1. I could just walk on the airplane anytime I want and let it fly me.

As if that in itself doesn't win the debate, here are 10 HR work reasons I would choose plasmonic cover.

  1. No meetings at work where you really have to be seen? Wear pajamas, don't worry about hair, makeup, etc.
  2. Conduct effortless employee relations and incident investigations - imagine the possibilities.
  3. No embarrassing moment if you leave your zipper down after using the restroom.
  4. Reprieve from having to reply 'hi' to every person that says it to you every single time they pass you in the hall all day long.
  5. Real honest to goodness ability to monitor how much time IT peeps actually work vs. RPG.
  6. A way to know who really washes their hands in the restroom. With soap.
  7. Feet up on the desk no matter who is around!
  8. You could hang out in the breakroom and know what's really going on - eliminating the need for those silly employee satisfaction surveys.
  9. Avoid associates who think your job is social worker/psychologist.
  10. You could sneak your dog into your office.


Grab a pair of smashing Tom Fordsjust like the ones I wear - on sale! =)


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