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Thinking About Thinking

Mar 26, 2014 / Just Me / Trackback

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Oh hey, it’s been a while. I haven’t carved out time to write lately because I have been busy think­ing about think­ing and it has been rather time con­sum­ing. When I men­tioned to my long­time HR friend Joan that I wish I could get paid for just think­ing, rather than think­ing and doing — she sug­gested a career as a Pro­fes­sor. I don’t think so, at this stage in the game the time and asso­ci­ated debt for a PhD would wreck my golden years plan. I’ll just keep writ­ing what I think here, hope you like it and col­lect that monthly Pay­pal deposit for adver­tis­ing that buys my coffee.

Here are some of the things I have been think­ing about lately:

edX — Take one of these free courses (or any MOOC) on some­thing that will enrich your life. I’m tak­ing (as if this will be a huge sur­prise) Think101x The Sci­ence of Every­day Think­ing. I haven’t taken a col­lege class since 1989.. umm it’s changed a bit and all for the bet­ter. Maybe if I could have taken for credit classes in paja­mas on the couch I would have that PhD today.

Moral judg­ments — There’s this whole posi­tion that moral­ity is divinely inspired and I actu­ally don’t agree, have never agreed. So I think it’s awe­some that the month I’m think­ing about think­ing, CNN posts about How your brain makes moral judg­ments. Pris­ons and jails are ware­houses for the men­tally illwith over 64% of inmates suf­fer­ing from dis­or­ders (not only is that num­ber way old IMO it’s way low). Not all brains work the same but they are all mea­sured by the same soci­etal stan­dards and social norms. The sys­tem isn’t “bro­ken” it sim­ply has never been any good. We need to come up with another plan to help those who need it, and keep peo­ple safe.

Nar­cis­sism — What type of nar­cis­sist must one be to crank up their qual­i­fi­ca­tions on a resume? I’m not talk­ing about the typ­i­cal embell­ish­ing we all know often goes on — I’m talk­ing resume crack for a 5 year X 1m+ contract.

Dur­ing the search for a new men’s bas­ket­ball coach, an agree­ment in prin­ci­ple was reached by USF and can­di­date Steve Masiello. The agree­ment was pend­ing a ver­i­fi­ca­tion of cre­den­tials. Through the ver­i­fi­ca­tion process it was deter­mined the candidate’s cre­den­tials could not be sub­stan­ti­ated and there­fore he did not meet the require­ments for the posi­tion. — bleacher report

If I can’t be paid for just think­ing because I’m not a PhD Steve, you can’t be the coach because you didn’t grad­u­ate Ken­tucky. But I can be a speaker at con­fer­ences and sem­i­nars and you can coach high school and com­mu­nity leagues for much less or no money.

The ways peo­ple sab­o­tage their oppor­tu­ni­ties for suc­cess — Leave it to Reader’s Digest fun­nies to high­light some of the best exam­ples of can­di­date ineptitude.

An indi­vid­ual applied for a customer-service job, and when asked what he might not like about the job, he said, ‘Deal­ing with people’.

It’s amaz­ing when peo­ple come in for an inter­view and say, ‘Can you tell me about your busi­ness?’ Seri­ously, peo­ple. Theres an Inter­net. Look it up.

Sys­tems one and two and their bear­ing on deci­sion mak­ing — Most of us have our mun­dane daily liv­ing rou­tines well thought out and fairly down pat. But it only takes one poor deci­sion to land you up in a dread­ful or even fatal cir­cum­stance. Yeah, it could be life or death for sure, but more likely it’s deci­sions about tim­ing, finances, health, influ­ences and rela­tion­ships. I’ve done okay with deci­sion mak­ing all except for one cat­e­gory. I’m just tak­ing that think­ing course and hop­ing Daniel Kah­ne­man fig­ures out how to send me real tele­pathic mes­sages to keep me focused.

I have also been think­ing about NEPA Blog­Con2014, what it will mean if the Rus­sians re-establish a naval base in Cuba, and if the Catholic Church will attract more con­verts because of Suor Cristina,who con­cocted a very devi­ous scheme to get out of the con­vent to appear on The Voice Italy in the name of evangelization.

Click here for 8 hours of nature sounds to help you think…



Poor decision making is one predictable consequence of having a low fluid intelligence. Unfortunately, fluid intelligence is particularly immutable. 


@br0kenmech  I want to have good fluid intelligence... would the better choice be red wine or vodka??