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Veterans Day 2012 Get Your Civilian Job On!

Nov 11, 2012 / Job Seeker / Trackback

For the past few years I have been writ­ing a post on this day to reach out to those of us who could use a help up not a hand out in tran­si­tion­ing from mil­i­tary to civil­ian employ­ment — or sim­ply find­ing that next oppor­tu­nity… even if that DD-214 has yel­lowed a lit­tle with age (like mine).

As you can see from the Syra­cuse Uni­ver­sity Insti­tute for Vet­er­ans and Mil­i­tary Fam­i­lies poll results to the left, vet­er­ans selected the top pri­or­ity for tran­si­tion from mil­i­tary to civil­ian life as obtain­ing employ­ment, with job search resources and finan­cial assis­tance tied for sec­ond place and technical/vocational train­ing and sup­port from fam­ily and friends tied for third.

Absolutely not meant to be an exhaus­tive list, here are some very use­ful resources you may not be aware of that could help you to reach your next career goal.

Last year I talked about LinkedIn’s excit­ing Vet­er­ans Hack­day 2011 that was going on. There were many excel­lent sub­mis­sions and two of the three win­ners were apps for net­work­ing, job search and skills trans­la­tion. Let’s take a look.

Vet­er­ans on LinkedIn –Use Vet­er­ans to recon­nect with other mil­i­tary vet­er­ans on LinkedIn. Find insights such as where they work, what types of jobs they have, and where they live. I can see all the vet­er­ans I am con­nected to, where they live, what they do and where they work. This is a great way to net­work, con­nect with a men­tor and even some­one who can walk your resume into the HR or hir­ing manager’s office. Note: Recruiters, this is an excel­lent sourc­ing tool.

MOCHA (Mil­i­tary Occu­pa­tional Clas­si­fi­ca­tion Hack for advance­ment) –Online tool that allows vet­er­ans to search for job post­ings on LinkedIn using their mil­i­tary credentials.Also lists rel­e­vant civil­ian skills derived from these cre­den­tials to help map mil­i­tary expe­ri­ence to civil­ian jobs. Trans­lat­ing mil­i­tary skills in a resume and in job search engines is one of the most com­mon frus­tra­tions for vet­er­ans. MOCHA takes care of it for you and sug­gests civil­ian equiv­a­lent skills that with one click you can add to your pro­file. Your LinkedIn con­nec­tions can also endorse you for these skills with one sim­ple click.

Careeron­estop — The Vet­er­ans ReEm­ploy­mentsite pro­vides many tools in one place, from skills trans­la­tion to job search, edu­ca­tion ben­e­fits and other types of crit­i­cal sup­port. This might be a good place to start for new civil­ians. There is infor­ma­tion on eli­gi­bil­ity for unem­ploy­ment com­pen­sa­tion for those who are newly dis­charged from active duty witha branch of the U.S. mil­i­tary and have been sep­a­rated under hon­or­able con­di­tions. CareerOn­eStop is spon­sored by the U. S. Depart­ment of Labor,Employment and Train­ing Administration.

When it’s time to do that some­times daunt­ing job of for­mat­ting your skills and expe­ri­ence into a doc­u­ment, the eas­i­est way is to do it method­i­cally, sec­tion by sec­tion. The Google Resume Builderon Google for Vet­er­ans and Fam­i­lies could be just the tool to get the job done. Be sure to check out the other appli­ca­tions Google pro­vides for vet­er­ans, to include net­work­ing with other vet­er­ans via Google+. If you are in IT there is a rich vet­eran com­mu­nity wait­ing for you to cir­cle new connections.

The Vet­er­ans Tech­nol­ogy Pro­gram for post 9/11 vet­er­ans is designedto assist and pre­pare vet­er­ans as they tran­si­tion from the mil­i­tary to infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy or oper­a­tions careers in global corporations.It is a non-credit cer­tifi­cate pro­gram offered by Syra­cuse Uni­ver­sity for vet­er­ans aspir­ing to careers in infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy in large cor­po­ra­tions. Vet­er­ans enrolled in the pro­gram will receive indi­vid­u­al­ized skill enhance­ment, insight into cor­po­rate cul­ture, and an applied tech­nol­ogy edu­ca­tion. There is no cost to attend and the cam­pus is vir­tual. If I were a post 9/11 vet­eran I would 100% take advan­tage of this fab­u­lous opportunity.

At the Fed­eral level, has a com­plete suite of tools, in many ways sim­i­lar and com­ple­men­tary to My Next Move for Vet­er­ans.There are inter­est inven­tory pro­files, skills trans­la­tors, resume builders, job search, really too many tools to list. If you are inter­ested in work­ing in VA sys­tem to serve vet­er­ans, VA for Vets is for you. It’s worth a tall glass of iced tea (or what­ever) to check them out. I love the way the White House, Depart­ment of Labor and VA have really stepped up the tech­nol­ogy over the past 4 years. Unfor­tu­nately, instead of work­ing together to cre­ate one suite of highly effec­tive prod­ucts, apps and ser­vices, they all have them– and they inter­twine and are often redun­dant. It’s surely not sav­ing tax­payer dol­lars but it does pro­vide for hours and hours of brows­ing and info.

Also, remem­ber that there are vet Reps at your local One-Stop Career Cen­ter.

Con­sider a mentor/mentee rela­tion­ship with some­one who can help you on your path­way to a civil­ian career through one of the oppor­tu­ni­ties listed at the National Resource Direc­tory.

If you are a vet­eran who is well adjusted, happy and com­fort­able in the civil­ian world and your career, please con­sider vol­un­teer­ing to be a men­tor to a vet­eran who has yet to reach your level of civil­ian suc­cess through the same orga­ni­za­tions listed at NRD.

That’s it for this year!

P.S. I want to help too. Ask your ques­tions below or click the con­tact but­ton to send me an email. I’ll tap my net­work of Recruiters and HR experts to help out if needed.




sarkari naukri
sarkari naukri

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